How do I get an NHS Health Check?

If you are in the 40-74 age group without a pre-existing condition, you can expect to receive and invitation from your surgery either by post or by text and ask to fill in the form below but you can contact your surgery and request a check or fill in the NHS Check form below.

What Happens?

Once the form has been received by the practice you will be contacted to book an appointment to see the health professional for the check. This will involve a blood test and a general health check.

After the results are back your risk of developing one of the above conditions will be calculated. If your risk is below 10%, you will be informed you are low risk and be reviewed again in 5 years time. If your risk is above 10% you will be contacted to book an appointment with the doctor to discuss this and measures you can take to reduce your risk.


As part of ongoing research into understanding why people develop Coronary Heart Disease the practice are involved in the GENVASC project. The purpose of GENVASC is to help determine whether the addition of genetic information can improve risk prediction.

Please click the link for more information:


The Practice will be asking all patients who are having a NHS Health check to take part in the GENVASC study- all this will entail is having extra blood samples taken when you have your blood test for your NHS check and completing a consent form.

Take your health check now

NHS Health Check Form

NHS Health Check Form

If you are aged 40-70 years old and do not have a long term condition and the practice has asked you to complete an online NHS Health Check Review please complete the following form:
Please answer the questions below to help us to help you:

Contact information

Your details.

Lifestyle habits

If yes, please say which family member it was/is

Alcohol Review

1= Never
2= Monthly or less
3= 2 - 4 times Per month
4= 2 - 4 times per month
5= 4+ times per week
1= 1 or 2
2= 3 or 4
3= 5 or 6
4= 7 to 9
5= 10+
1= Never
2= Less than monthly
3= Monthly
4= Weekly
5= Daily or almost daily

Smoking review

We hold smoking cessation clinics  at the practice

You can also get help quitting at:

Check understanding