Medication Review

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Find out more about making sure you’re taking your medication correctly

Sometimes patients receive medicines they don’t actually use, or use only occasionally. This means that they can lose out on the intended health benefits of their prescription. That can be a major headache in more ways than one.

Not only does it mean that that their symptoms can get much worse if left untreated – the latest Department of Health report suggests this can cost the NHS many, many millions in avoidable extra treatment costs – it also means that these medicines cannot be used again and need to be incinerated.

There are a number of reasons patients do not take their medicines as prescribed including;

  • patients not believing the medicine is necessary;
  • possible side effects;
  • fitting taking or using medicines into daily routines;
  • choosing between medicines if patients’ feel they are taking too many, and;
  • cutting down or stopping medicines they have been taking for a long time.

Please only order the medication you need & avoid ordering early. If you have any queries over your medication please book an appointment with our practice pharmacist.

Take your medication review

Medication Review

Medication Review

We review any regular medication on a repeat prescription annually and wherever possible the doctor will do this without you having to attend the surgery.

If you have been advised by the surgery that your medication review is due, please use this form.

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